Keith Woodrow
Featured image: untitled © Guilherme Bergamini 2019

I downloaded my data just to see
what Cambridge Analytica had taken,
to understand what of myself
I had exposed and put at risk.
I found in messages/229.html
all the things my brother and I
had said to each other before
I forgot that he was a little asshole.
Dont ever be fooled by moms sad
sorrowful depressed face cause
all she rlly cares about is herself,
he told me, and after the third time
he dodged my questions about
his new boyfriend, I had to lay it out
straight: you still haven’t said anything
about zach. Where is my brother?
Do you not feel comfortable talking
to me? That set him off: Oy keith i dont
like talking that much. Like mom and dad
u need to learn its not a personal thing.
Oy jesus. put ur questions down send
um nd ill try to answer. He didn’t.
I miss that barely literate little asshole,
even though all I rlly care about is myself.