Stuff About Me #12

Brendan Connolly
Featured Image: Palm Fruits 10 Aug 2007 © Only Truth 2007

one day  my cousin kory  decided  to  become  a tree

                 he didnt tell anyone  about his plans, finding
a nice place in the sun  among a grove of palm trees
next to his house

                his    fingers   stretched    long   and   his   skin
became furrowed bark under the broad palm fronds
as grass crept up  his shins  and his toes dug deep in
the heavy rain season

                his  trunk  forked  in  every direction,  perfect
for climbing, but weighed against his neighbors and
pushed them out of the way

               the  palm  trees  didnt break though, bending
until  their   tops   touched   the  tall  grass  and  were
incorporated into his root system

                kory   grew    quickly    over    the   other   trees
beyond  his  reach,  his   canopy   wide    in  the  empty
space,  blocking the sun almost entirely beneath him,
creating a small meadow

               after  ripening,  his  fruit  turns to ash and falls
in  waving  clumps  when  the  wind picks up, staining
the grass a dark red that shines gold in the mornings
and leaves the scent of oranges on the dew

               we  all  miss  him  very  much  but enjoy sitting
on his  raised roots   in the tall grass   under his shade
watching    ashes    disappear   into   the   setting   sun
through the bent treeline

Brendan Connolly lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts.