Big Mac

Dov Weinman
Featured Image: Hanoi fresh chicken © A. Anupama 2018

“It occurs to me that I am America. I am talking to myself again.” -Allen Ginsberg

when did I stop believing (in myself)?
I am not America,
not too long ago it was factual
to say we had never gone to war
with a country that served Big Macs,
or do you want lies with that?

called it the Golden Arch Hall Pass,
called it a drive through democracy,
my citizens got caught up in their freedom fries.
became the failed salesmen of justice for all,
someday I’ll make them choose—passport or pride,
make them hate themselves,
fast food until we die

Asia has risen—
but my democracy churns out the best kind of communists,
Ho Chi Minh in your backpack and Marx in your ear,
I am the best exporter of New People’s Armies,
Nth billion people served,
like Ginsberg told you in ’56—they want to eat us alive,
eat me, eat me, I am ready.
I am supersized.