J. Anthony
Featured Image: Riding Prohibited © Angela McEntee 2018

from East/east/west


east is cities and turns and
highways, much of these known
and seen things and rivers and
soft hills soft mountains deciduous
trees competing steeple heights in
valleys in reservoirs
                                    a map of the town
under water, did they fight before
the board beg
                 for the arteries to find
a different resting place/did it make sense
to do this where a crib lay, on top
of a tiff between neighbors, over a loose
stone wall/or was it
                 thank God
we can wash this place out,
return in a thousand years
to find it Atlantisized –
for time under water
creates greatness –
                 or, like after mothermother washed us
in porcelain,
                        did they find something else
sticky to sink their teeth into.