Alexus Erin
Featured Image: Street faces © A. Anupama 2017

Close the cabinets, slide a chair under the door handle,

take the art down. There was death in Egypt, the same you keep reading about


its heat begs the window open.

Wilder than grief


there are people, churches, nations

taking cover, praying


arms akimbo.


My house and my neighbor’s house

is all holed up in the company of women. The second nature

of miracle,



They will come for the ones you love first

I hope you notice


The things I would do to keep you polite—


Salt the base of the doorway in miniature pyramids,

Erect an altar


another, another


miles away from your lit church of a browbone.

Adoration must be an agreement one makes with God


Or maybe it’s the first time you found yourself,

all convicted,


reciting the Pledge of Allegiance by heart.