Photography Notes – Fall 2015

About the Photography in River River

David e. Bell curated the photography for this issue of River River. Following are his anecdotes on the photographs and the artistic process of pairing them with the literary works in the journal.  We are pleased to feature work by photographers Charles Rojas and Lisa Hoag in this issue—you can find their bios below as well.  —AA

By Lisa Hoag - Twigs Feathers Stone


Our Cover Image

This photograph is from Lisa Hoag’s extensive library of wonderful images. We choose this picture for the river washed stones and to spark your imagination. After all, it has a feather that one could imagine to be a well-used quill, abandoned perhaps by a wandering poet.




Trees and lights at sunset

Cicada Moon

Shot at dusk in Santa Barbara after a long train ride up from San Diego. The lights under the trees were magical, the air delightful, and the colors rich.


Woman Standing by the side of the road at sunset

Potatoes, Rice and Mother

Dusk is wonderful time to shoot. This image was captured on a bridge just south of Clarksville, MS – home of the blues. I shot this on a break from a documentary we were shooting. These few moments yielded a number of memorable shots.


Liner Notes Charles Rojas


Liner Notes on Leaving a Lover

Guest photographer Charles Rojas takes to the stark beauty of a late-afternoon yard sale. Sadness and possibility hang in the still air, waiting.



Mood and tree against blue

Midnight Migration

Midnight is always a challenging hour to portray. Guest photographer Charles Rojas provided us with this picture of the moon, nicely framed in a darkening sky.


Bridal Couple Walking Away - Verona



The downside to having once been a wedding photographer is that your family never forgets. Fortunately, I enjoy shooting weddings. This is from my daughter’s wedding—joy between moments of rain, which lifted for the ceremony.


Stag at the End of the World

Modern Astrology

Capturing this proud creature was challenging. It was a chilly day near the Bear Mountain Bridge with highly variable light. This photograph was taken by one of our editors, A. Anupama.



Souls of feet image

The Soles of Our Feet Speak True

And speaking of chilly days up at the Bear Mountain Bridge and variable light, this picture was captured moments after the image for Modern Astrology. It was the shape of the shadow that caught my eye.





Cars Tightly Parked 5 Noir Senses

Five Noir Senses

The streetscape of my home village of Nyack, New York, and a long telephoto lens were used to create this image. The cars seemed to have eyes watching the people stroll past.



Charles Rojas


Charles Rojas – is a visual artist from Jersey City who studied English Literature at New Jersey City University.


Lisa Hoag


Lisa Hoag -Artist, Designer and Design Consultant.

Lisa Hoag is an award-winning artist and designer with over 30 years of experience. She teaches workshops in transdisciplinary design principles, human-centered design thinking and collaborative team innovation. She holds a BFA in Fine Art, with honors from Parsons School of Design in New York, and subsequently studied art and design in an arts residency in Paris for two years. You can see more of her work on her website.


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