Desert/ Sunset/ Friend

The sun blazes like a toreador
the wind has lessened and the coyotes howl
their sweet sad song fills you with angst.


Mourning there and regret but also
the presentness     the moment.


No unnatural sounds
disturb this arid stillness
the cell towers missing, the traffic far away


the elements of life in their bare-nested bravado
lime iguana scurry under stones. bats swoosh
later the owls will sing their evening mantras.


Breathing in the hot and dusty air
sweat out the toxic
ephemera gathered round you like


an albatross trunk
dissolving in the mauve stillness.
like some magic soot.


You think of your friend C
who now does not want to live
has tried to make life stop.


She has decided against this
this stillness

this light this time that could be hers


watching the full moon
rise over the mountains or hear her cat’s purr
or her husband’s cackly loving laugh


C wants none of this   her soul is writhing now
People are distorted and paranoia reigns
Too much pain she says too much pain


A manic genie has formed in front of her
braying dreadful sounds,
its ragtag clothes scatter and obscure


black steel eyes forbid solace
and this drowns out all beauty she
can take in in her dark almond vision


You want to say to C
Come with me to this magic plain
Lie in the dusty ash     feel the sky
there is magnificence along with the grit
Wait. Wait. Wait. Hold a bit longer.