Here’s What’s New

Ben Nardolilli

Featured image: Spring stone © A. Anupama 2017

Turning into my parents all over again, this time,
I don’t know how to get away from this habit.
Previously I could always make a change of address,
a change of vote, a change of church or just pew.
A very successful strategy, but now there’s this,
I always need something playing in the background.

It used to be enough to eat in silence, these nights
I tried to turn the news on, the sound of my chewing
must be secretly driving my other bones crazy.
Yet there is too much slaughter for my stomach, another
trait of their growing old , I just want something nice.
Anything to crack the headlines’ morose bad habits.

It’s cooking shows now, even though I just sit
and watch while eating another slice of pizza or else
another dish of microwaved macaroni and cheese.
One of these days the nice ladies will be able
to give me orders and get me eating healthy again,
My apron awaits my body, my femininity at the ready.