Unblocking Appeal

Ben Nardolilli

Featured image: Pressed © A. Anupama 2017

I want a pop-up ad that will save my life,
nothing about special deals on rentals,
cupcakes, or live-streaming,
this has to be bigger than consumption,
an offer for a new way of living, transcendental
yet at the same time non-metaphysical.

Even if it crashes my system, I can handle it,
any rerouting is worth the slight devastation,
my daily life is in need of a shakeup,
as long as the information
flickering in front of me gives me hope
it can demolish all my unsaved work and files.

It needs to be a straightforward sign,
a recipe for getting out of a bind of all sorts
with names for new friends and lovers,
the best numbers to reach them and their email too,
as well as the coordinates for a new city
where I can go and replace my ropes with reins