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While the winter ice finally drips off roofs, I’m eavesdropping from the top floor of the library on a bunch of exuberant kids outside, singing and waiting for a bus—the exact feeling of working on this first issue of River River. This new biannual journal of poetry, short prose, and photography leans out, straining its ears towards spring, just in time.River River was inspired by my experience organizing community writing groups over this past full year.

My fellow editor and organizer Donna Lee Miele also remarked on the tremendous talent and commitment of the writers participating in our free writing groups, open mics, readings, and workshops. The local tint of this new journal reflects the shared vision and inspiration of our writing community here in the lower Hudson Valley environs as well as a diverse, worldwide river-artist culture.River-artists step in the “river” everywhere and everywhen in the creative act, as though to spite the saying “you can never step in the same river twice.” So here we have poetry and prose that steps from the heart of Times Square, the gargoyled ledges of steep buildings, the barbershop razor, the supermarket seafood counter, the estuaries, the road. The photographs in this issue, curated by David e Bell, layer literary moments with color and light.

As an independent journal, we are grateful for the support of many people. Our thanks especially to David e Bell for web design and organizational support. Thanks to Cuppa Pulp Writers Space, Art Café Nyack, Seranam Literary Arts, and the Nyack Chamber of Commerce, for co-hosting literary events and writing groups. Thanks to all the writers who sent us submissions for this first issue; we appreciated the opportunity to read your work.

From my library window-ledge perch, I’m watching a young eagle rest in the sunny upper branches of a bare maple. The feathers will darken and turn glossier here at River River, too. Fly with us on Twitter (@riverriverlit) and by following our blog here. Thanks for reading!

All best,
A. Anupama

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