Prompt for March 27 – Virtual Carson McCullers House

Maybe we are all poets now — sitting at desks thinking morbid thoughts and trying to make the best of it. There’s some grace in it, I think. So why not learn from the great ones? For our prompt tonight, here is a bit of an untitled poem written by John Keats in a letter to an ill friend, “In hopes of cheering you through a Minute or two.”

... I was at home
And should have been most happy,—but I saw
Too far into the sea, where every maw
The greater on the less feeds evermore,—
But I saw too distinct into the core
Of an eternal fierce destruction,
And so from happiness I far was gone.
Still am I sick of it: and tho' to-day
I've gathered young spring-leaves, and flowers gay
Of periwinkle and wild strawberry,
Still do I that most fierce destruction see,—
The Shark at savage prey,--the hawk at pounce,—
The gentle Robin, like pard or ounce,
Ravening a worm,—Away ye horrid moods,
Moods of one's mind! ...

Here are the links to our Zoom meeting for tonight at 7pm, and the submissions portal for those who would like to send prompted writing for this blog.