Poem by Mackenzie Lerario, from the March 25 prompt

The Plagued Community

A transwoman’s account of surviving quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic

My branding shelters me,
cradles me
and propels me.
Forward to a time
where I am recognized,
and unstigmatized.

You join me in the shadows,
where life is withheld,
waiting to be freed.
Brought to a moment
where you can leave,
no longer bereave
or need.

Our ilk is strengthening,
as the time is lengthening
where we are in our element.
We are used to this,
a place of hiding,
a lack of confiding,
but always learning from the deriding.

Lives on hold,
as days disappear,
never known why it’s never clear.
While sturdy life
negates the fear
to lose those
we once held dear.

It can be hard
to not hasten past our past,
knowing we must remain or we might not last.
Which is why
the weeds hold fast,
untouched and growing
until they can surpass.

Image from #atthebirdfeeder © 2020 david e bell