Prompt for May 15 – Virtual Carson McCullers House

Maybe we all agree that resilience is a necessary component of our collective weathering of this pandemic and its fallout. I’ve read many different pieces of advice on how exactly to develop this resilience though, and it occurs to me that this would be difficult to prescribe in some universal way. But one of my favorites from this week was a post from the Rubin Museum of Art in their “Daily Offering” series, in which classical Indian musician Roopa Mahadevan of Brooklyn Raga Massive reminds us to look to the voices of our elders and to the arts of the past to find “a connecting thread of resilience, of beauty, and of hope.”

The prompt for today’s writing is to engage with a work of art, writing, or music from your heritage, representing a wellspring of the wisdom of your elders. Let that thread lead you into a newly imagined world, as you write in any genre you wish. Then join us at 7pm on Zoom for readings and conversation. Here’s the link to the talk and performance posted by The Rubin, if you wish to listen and be inspired, nourished by the music, too.