Prompt for May 29 – Virtual Carson McCullers House

I saw someone outdoors wearing a t-shirt with a print of the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci the other day, and it made me unreasonably happy. Mysterious smile beaming from her soft and confident face. Yes, it’s these face masks, covering up everyone’s smiles, that’s making our public spaces feel strange. Yes, wear your face covering anyway! But what do we do to show our friendliness if not with a smile? What do you do? Cheerful t-shirt, a little wave, a compliment. Maybe we will invent a sound that is not quite a laugh but is more audible than the silence of a smile– a new language for this. Let this speculation (or anything else about sly smiles) guide your writing tonight.

Join us on Zoom for readings from the prompt, along with conversation and connection, at 7pm.