Prompt for June 3 – Virtual Didier Dumas


Use the prompt to inspire your work in any form (poetry or prose; fiction of any genre; creative nonfiction, essay, or memoir). If you wish, enjoy the video to enhance your ideas.

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Deeper dive into the prompt

[Hampshire College professor Jonathon] Keats argues humans are becoming more and more like a superorganism. Like the boundaries between two slime mold cell fusing into one, the boundaries between human societies are eroding and engulfing one another through technology. The decisions the collective “we” make, more than ever, have the potential to impact us all.
But “we’re not very good a being a superorganism,” Keats says. We’re not making collective decisions that ensure our survival. Slime molds come together to solve mazes and find creative ways to avoid salt. We come together to melt polar ice caps and perpetuate income inequality.
What if we all acted more like slime mold?
“Slime mold doesn’t have [human] bias,” [College molecular biologist Megan] Dobro reminds, “it doesn’t have politics. it’s just choosing what’s good for the whole.”

From “Trump doesn’t have a science advisor. This slime mold is available.” by Brian Resnick in, April 5, 2018