Canceled for today – Virtual Barat House

Donna is celebrating her birthday! Please join Anu for the virtual Carson McCullers house circle tonight. The prompt will go live right here at 6pm, and the meeting will be at 7. The meeting link will be posted with the prompt.

You might also consider challenging yourself with this prompt from our intern, Ellie Rostan:

As the world is being shaken and drastically realigned by COVID-19, normalcy seems lost, and we are lost in the strangeness that is becoming our new normal. Carson McCullers’ poem “When We Are Lost” imparts a universal voice to this very terror of losing oneself in a warped space or time or “the joined trickery of both conceptions.” When we are lost, we writers write. We write to regain our footing, to make sense of the strange, to pull on what is uncomfortable. The prompt is simply this: Write to finish this phrase, however you see fit:
“When we are lost…” 

Be well, everyone.