Prompt for July 17 – Virtual Carson McCullers House

I’m reading a poem by one of my mentors, Leslie Ullman, in the new issue of Cloudbank, and I’m reminded of her lessons to me as I headed into my toughest summer, the one in which I was writing a master’s thesis while single-mothering. But that’s not the prompt. The poem, even with its title, “Use fewer notes,” opens the door to this reflective-imaginative opportunity. Take this excerpt inside with you.

   A lost summer blooms...

...we revisit less encumbered versions of

self, the promises
we half-kept and then
  forgot, replacing daydream

with modest achievement
    clutter of passwords
   and rechargeable devices designed

to relieve us of suspension, silence,
  the tease of uncertainty, chord or phrase
    that might have left intervals for what next?

Enjoy your writing time, and then join us at 7pm in our virtual salon for readings and conversation. Hope to see you then!