Prompt for July 22 – Virtual Didier Dumas

The dog ate my grief

Feel free to apply a “fill in the blank” approach to this prompt. The cat scratched my sense of humor; the frog croaked my homework. Use the prompt to inspire your work in any form (poetry or prose; fiction of any genre; creative nonfiction, essay, or memoir).

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A deeper dive into the prompt . . .

In December 2019, O, the Oprah Magazine began publishing fiction online in Sunday Shorts. In what may or may not be just a weird coincidence, three out of six stories published so far use extended animal metaphors. Laura Van Den Berg’s “The Upstairs People” and Kristen Arnett’s “Birds Surrendered and Rehomed” feature a Great Pyrenees dog and a parrot, respectively, as metaphors for loss and grief. (In Arnett’s case, I can’t help also reading the story as a wry twist on Maya Angelou’s title, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”) Curtis Sittenfeld’s “White Women LOL” portrays a community’s pursuit of a runaway pet and the ways in which its own shameful weaknesses elude its control. Think you might have written something that’s a good fit for the section? O, the Oprah Magazine invites story ideas and other queries at the email address on this page. Oprah and her editors don’t explicitly seek stories involving animals . . . but now that we’ve read between the lines, maybe we know better.

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