Prompt for July 29 – Virtual Didier Dumas

Athena, is that you?

Sometimes the goddess is out. Sometimes you find a stranger in the sanctuary. Or maybe she’s come to your place, knocking at an unexpected hour, just to see how you’re doing. She doesn’t always dress the part.

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Deeper dive into the prompt . . .

“Naked Athena” caused a minor sensation when she appeared at the #BLM protests in Portland, Oregon, wearing nothing but a hat and a mask, and stood down a line of law enforcement wearing riot gear. In the Willamette Week she is quoted: “I just wanted them to see what they’re shooting at.” In the New York Times, Mitchell S. Jackson questioned the value of such Portlandesque “weirdness,” a mark of white privilege, in support of Black Lives Matter in Oregon, a state founded on the explicit exclusion of Black people. Cf. this piece by Shamontiel L. Vaughan, who acknowledges that naked yoga by a non-Black protester is “noise” for the Black Lives Matter movement, but also respects a woman “showing how her own fragility still made officers step back and temporarily be peaceful.”