Prompt for August 21 – Virtual Carson McCullers House

Sometimes you just want to make something, and that something is made of beads, cardboard, artsy paper, and hot glue. Or sometimes it’s just made of words, thoughts, memories, hopes, and birdsong. The impulse nibbles at you until you do something.

I like this kaleidoscope craft idea, and I’ll probably make one this weekend with my daughter. In the meantime, we could write something about crafting. For today’s prompt use the steps and instructional mode of a craft how-to, and see where that leads you.

Tonight, we are joined by young writers from this summer’s Kaleidoscope Poetry Circle for a celebratory reading. Join us on Zoom at 7pm to listen, encourage, and share your own writing from today’s prompt.

This Friday evening salon takes a break indefinitely after today (waiting out the rest of the pandemic perhaps).