Prompt for October 14 – Virtual Didier Dumas

In the early days of his exploration, he expected the dune to be gone after every big storm, and following the 1944 hurricane that sank the USS Raleigh off Siesta Key, he was sure it would be. But when the skies cleared, the island was still there. So was the dune, although the hundred-mile-an-hour winds should have blown all the sand away, leaving only the bare rocks. Over the years he has debated back and forth about whether the magic is in him or in the dune. Perhaps it’s both, but surely most of it is in the dune.

Stephen King, “The Dune”

I’m thinking about how this passage describes something in nature that astonishes and comforts us by its persistence and survival against all odds. But since this dune appears in a Stephen King story, you might also think such things are a little creepy.

Use the prompt to inspire your work in any form (poetry or prose; fiction of any genre; creative nonfiction, essay, or memoir).

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