A farewell

I’m sad to announce that River River Writers Circle is ending its run, partly because its crew has been busy working other ships (i.e., our day jobs, families, and other organizations) during the last several pandemic months. Sad, but remember that this means your local libraries, schools, colleges and communities to which we contribute our time and talent have been enriched by the smart, sweet and sincere work that we’ve been doing here. Our efforts in the literary arts haven’t gone away; they’ve gone into the daily machinery.

When I started organizing River River with Donna Miele and David Bell in 2015, the main focus was always in-person gatherings. The need for writers to be together, and to have opportunities to create together, share, and listen to one another, was clear then. We managed to keep the Zoom salons going for months, but it seemed counter to the culture and mission of the organization to continue without the opportunity for in-person events.

Considering that our board members/editors work as school teachers, librarians, freelancers, tutors, professors, parents and writers, I’m amazed at what we managed to get done during this extremely difficult COVID-19 period. There are many people to thank for supporting us in our 6-year run as a nonprofit, but I especially want to highlight our local community of writers who have shown up to events with smiles, tears, and so much heart. We did this all for you.