An Aesthete’s Nails and Hammer

Yan An
Featured image: Horizon © Natasha Hicks 2019


Grabbing a fistful of nails in one hand
And a hammer in the other, the man
Is busy finding cracks all over the world every day
Places in which he could hammer a nail
He is looking for cracks on walls
Cracks on eggs
Cracks on bluffs
Sometimes when exhausted and meditating
He even imagines alone in his mind
The cracks on Mars and anonymous stars
Having ever been tortured badly by failures and mishaps
The aesthete who is tough in his intention and endeavors
Chooses to make a living by driving nails
He is fond of long and strong nails
He has acquired the most suitable hammer for himself
Now every day he is fussy about picking and choosing
Every day looking for the type of nearly perfect cracks
Those as delicate as the tree hole made by a woodpecker
Those that can rotate the universe and stars furtively
Those that can only be snooped and mastered by God
Rhythmically subtle cracks
He will swing his hammer
In the most accurate and ruthless manner
Directly punch a nail
In the juncture as vital as the heart of the world
A place no one can disassemble