Siren Song

Grace McGovern
Featured image: untitled © Ariana Chiarenza 2019


after Edward Hopper’s “High Noon”

If you see him
tell him I’m
still waiting.

Tell him I kept
my dress open
for him,
my heels on
for him,
let the curlers
through this
empty house
for him.

Tell him the door is open.

Tell him I’m sorry
that there is no path.
I don’t know
how I got
here and I
don’t know how
to leave.

The sun stains
spots in my eyes,
bursts that burn,
turn everything
white, but I can’t
look away.

Who’s here

I feel someone

Please, reach out.
Touch me.

Just the brush
of a hand
would suffice.

Don’t speak.

You could be anyone.