With reddened eyes, through thin surgical masks, we face a long winter. Do we get along better when we pretend we don’t notice the way voices shake with lies? Do we really mind that our days look so similar, that they all blend together until it is impossible to tell one from the other? Having so few distractions makes it easier to focus on our work.

We wonder if our seats won’t rattle apart before we reach our destination. No one here to impress, nothing here to prove. This is an escape. The time has come for us to be seen.

Once out of prison, we will visit with new items for book club.

What will we check off next with our pens, our tri-colored ballpoints?

Thank you again to our contributors for the work that appears in Issue 12—some of which we borrow to color this Introduction. We look forward to 2021.

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All best,

Donna Lee Miele

Something Else to Stand On
Anslie Vickery
The Man
Rebecca Haas
The Sadness Stealers
Rachel Shapiro
Michelle Johnson
The 57
Chad Lutz
Hot Wax
Holly Easton
Judge Judy & Executioner
Rebecca Forbes
Travis Wittmann

Death is Blue Pink
Allissa Hertz
The House Is on Fire
John Muellner