The Soles of Feet Speak True

They say don’t use the same words twice,
How deep is your well of dismissal?
Enough can be said of courtship
to make the flowers bloom and
trees to shade life in
the bosom of their prosperity.
And few return favors with the instantaneous feedback of gratification than
those paths that lovers walk upon,
unbothered by the soloists serenading them in the opposite direction.
Feeling the pulse in your thumb lengthen
the lifeline of another hand.
Counting the stars on your pelvis as they bring
enlightenment to a candlelit room.
Nourishing the back of your head with scholarship that
a student of love can imply with a blink.
But what of those words that you never use twice?
Their sanctity in purpose,
their direction that follows backs like a tracker,
morphing into wood water fire and air
until all is complete but the otherwise.
These words are the gem spells that cannot be thrown haphazard
by gypsies and warlocks.
Their gravity is that for the soles of feet.
In footsteps as you walk away.


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