Issue 5 – Spring 2017

Cover image by Francesco Fiondella



Best to look it right in the eye, they say. But what to do when the monster triples its number of heads? Midst months of rallies, marches, and vigils, the editors and I buried our eyes in submissions for the fifth issue of River River, where sticks and stones turn civil, where midnight puts the kettle on, where backbone scaffolds the waterfall. In a glance, this collection of short prose and poetry wields an exquisite anti-polycephalic-monster jinx. Thanks to  our contributors’ excellent aim, now you can read on, open your eyes, and wade deeper.

As an independent journal and non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we are grateful for the support of many people. Our thanks especially to David e. Bell for web design and support, and to Ken Herndon for the redesigned site. Thanks to our friends at Cuppa Pulp Writers’ Space, CSU’s Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians, Manhattanville CollegeArt Café Nyack, Seranam Literary Arts, JohnnyCakes Cafe, Patisserie Didier Dumas, American Bulldog Coffee Roasters, and the Nyack Chamber of Commerce for co-hosting literary events and writing groups. We’re grateful to our intern, Dylan Manning, for her fresh ideas and so much hands-on help with this new issue. Thanks to all the writers and artists who sent us submissions for this issue; we appreciated the opportunity to see your work. Huge thanks to our board of directors and recent donors for your contributions to the literary arts. And to our members, for whom all this inspiration flows.

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All best,

A. Anupama


Things and the Reasons for Things
Lou Gaglia
Crossing the Border
liam farrell
The Manjar Versus Maté Mornings
Toni Plummer
Serpents of the Middle East
Conor Rowell
Dust to Dust
Jill Talbot
The Triumph of Loss
derek Lubangakene
Karen Bell


the last warm tab
Juan Pablo Mobili
We Circle
Cathy Barber
Burying the Stone
Steve Klepetar
The Heart Revealed
Sonja JOhanson
Unblocking Appeal
Ben Nardolilli
Here’s What’s New
Ben Nardolilli
Love Poem: To All
Eric James Cruz
Catherine Moore
Chrysanthemums for Wide-Eyed Ghosts
Echezonachukwu Nduka
Echezonachukwu Nduka
Modern (American) Lifeline
Jeff Bagato
Art of the bow
Duncan Richardson
Catherine Moore
Stone head
Steven Swank
When my house is a pill organizer
Celeste Rose Wood
The ghost of 34 Howard Lane
Celeste Rose Wood